Welcome to our conference GuestBoard

We are providing an optional way for you to benefit from your attendance in this year’s Virtual Conference by way of an online conference communication portal. While all sessions and session resources will be found here on this website during the conference, the GuestBoard for this Virtual Conference provides additional ways for you to participate and to be kept current with any evolving news and information about the day’s events.

When you registered for the 2020 Virtual Conference you received an invitation to join the GuestBoard at

Virtual Conference GuestBoard Overview

Here are some guidelines on how to get the most from the 2020 Virtual Conference GuestBoard:

1. First, if you have not done so yet, visit the Conference GuestBoard and register your email. You will receive an email from the GuestBoard with a one-time link that will log you into the GuestBoard and set a cookie in your browser so you won’t have to log back in each time you visit the GuestBoard during the virtual conference. (If you change computers or devices you may need to repeat the process of requesting the link.)

For help with GuestBoard login issues read this.

2. When you register with the GuestBoard you will have access to several features that will make your participation in the Virtual Conference even more valuable:

  • Use the Board to post and respond to topics of discussion and questions posted by other conference attendees or organizers.
  • The Virtual Conference GuestBoard also provides a complete schedule of the virtual conference events and allows you to RSVP your attendance choices for breakout sessions that will be scheduled on different days.
  • See who else is registered and attending the conference. In the Shared Resources section, you may find a sheet with the contact information provided by conference attendees to allow for direct conversations or follow up you may want to do.
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